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Julia Gillmor 


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Let's take the mystery out of how to
build your brand 
sell your programs + services online

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Free Easy Email Planner

Hate having to come up with email ideas? Click to get my Easy Email Planner  and plan 3 months of emails in less than 1 hour.

Generate leads and get more sales

Do you have trouble selling online?

It's NOT about crazy content, sleazy sales tactics or uninspired, AI-generated blurbs.

It's about making your audience front and centre.

Great copy is more than an essential skill, it’s your superpower to get people to pay attention to your message and buy your programs and products.

How would you like to work together?

DIY Solutions,
Guides + Templates

DIY resources that help you generate the right words and create content that speaks to your audience,
grows your list and builds your business.

Courses + Coaching for
Copy + Marketing

 Go from good to awesome with step by step training to create
powerful and persuasive
sale pages, emails and offers.

Done for You
Content + Strategies

End the eye rolling and hair pulling with lead magnets, funnels and sales pages that attract high paying clients and sell your programs and products for you.

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Who the heck is Julia?

I'm a lifestyle-driven consultant and marketing coach with a secret superpower as a copywriter.

Over the past 12 years, I've worked with hundreds of lifestyle- driven solopreneurs, thoughtleaders, and coaches to launch brands, businesses and online programs.

Copywriting and strategies that forge genuine connections, drive sales, and create loyalty (and having FUN) — are my jam.

"I'm a content creator and Julia made this so simple –I was making my own copy so complicated. She was exactly what I needed!"


"Julia was masterful in helping our company get clarity for our project and  create remarkable copy that got to the heart and soul of our brand and mission. We were able to launch months sooner than I had imagined possible."


"Julia is so freaking good!

It’s not just the copy that’s great, Julia helped us nail the tone that embodies and amplifies our message."


While you know selling programs and services online is a genius move, there are so many moving parts — it’s confusing to even know where to start.


You've tried doing some marketing and hope things will change in your business but...

  • You feel confused about what you should be doing 
  • You're not ​a techy person and feel overwhelmed by softwares and hype
  • You're tired of wasting time on things that aren't working for you
  • You want a straight forward strategy that does the selling for you.

Julia worked with our company overseeing our brand voice and messaging. She brainstormed email, marketing campaigns and funnels and developed our social media content. As a result of her efforts, our influence grew and we launched and filled programs with the right people.

Jeffery Davis,
Author, Founder & CEO of Tracking Wonder

"With Julia I made more progress in my business in 90 days than I had in years. Thanks to her guidance, I was able to multiply my investment by seven in just a short amount of time and continue to implement and refine her strategies for continued growth and success."

Ona Davis
Social Media Strategist

You've got serious skills to run your business but – crafting an automated sales funnel and using it to drive business might not be one of them.

Growing your business boils down to one thing: delivering incredible value to your audience and clients

The strategy is simple: Attract your audience > spark their interest with a free lead magnet > then guide them through a personalized funnel to work with you.

The execution is where most people get hung up. This is where you can get the support, strategy, ideas and inspiration to attract your ideal paying clients, sell your products and services, and grow you business.

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List to Launch in 90 Days

The step by step roadmap andsupport for gorwing nurturing, and monetizing your very own email list.

  • Grow a targeted list of ideal clients, who want what you have to offer
  • ​Learn a tried and true strategy, you can use over and over to grow your list and sales
  • Create and launch your offerin 90 days and start making sales
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Free 5 day Challenge

Build + Grow Your List

Go from Zero to a thrivng list. The tool to revenue and growth in your business — even during uncertain economic times.

Inside this training, you will discover:

  • ​Awesome thing/Benefit 1, so you can...<what it means for them>
  • Awesome thing/Benefit 2, so you can...<what it means for them>
  • ​Awesome thing​/Benefit 3, so you can...<what it means for them>
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Free Easy Email Planner

Stop wasting time trying to come up with email ideas. Download my Easy Email Planner and plan your next 3 months of emails in less than 1 hour.